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Emerging leaders are passionate, driven and high performing. But it’s easy to get lost in relentless demands, obsessing over productivity and reaching the next level of achievement. At a certain point, it feels like the next level is unclear, or would require too much sacrifice of time, energy or sanity.

What got them there will not get them to where they want to go. Once you’re a top performer, up-leveling at this stage requires a counterintuitive approach.

I support emerging leaders to access that next level with clarity and creativity and ease.

Meet Vanessa


Vanessa began her work as a life and performance coach as a health coach, to improve her own health. As she worked with herself and her clients, she became fascinated that conversations rarely stayed on food and became curious as to why some clients succeeded, while other clients failed. She was fascinated by her clients inability to reach their goals despite having the knowledge, time, motivation and resources.

This catalyzed her decade-long study of human behavior and performance. She has apprenticed and studied with the highest masters of this craft and spent two years working with spiritual masters to understand, on an almost surgical level, how the complex emotional experiences of human beings can be understood and transcended and how they unconsciously influence behavior.

As a result, Vanessa has developed precise knowledge of the complex and nuanced way that human beings operate on a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental level. She understands what gets in the way of optimal performance and how to keep her clients consistently moving forward and inspired and meet obstacles with courage and playfulness. She disagrees with popular opinion that people lack motivation, commitment and discipline and believes in the potential of every person she sits with.

She is a certified Health Coach, is certified in the Transformational Coaching Method and Master Transformational Coaching method as well as ten years of coaching experience. She has coached hundreds of people across a range of professions from executive level leaders, entrepreneurs, professional coaches, therapists and waitresses. While people's behaviors can feel mysterious, when you understand the patterns, the path forward is clear.

Talk Topics

Talk Topics

Unlocking Your Potential

The four keys to guarantee your growth

The age old saying is that “growth only happens outside of your comfort zone”. Despite our best intentions and desire to reach personal and professional goals, the reality is that even top performers avoid stretching and struggle to follow through on even the most important things. In this refreshing presentation, we challenge that old adage. What really creates exponential growth is understanding the four key subconscious drivers of human behavior. Without this understanding, individuals experience resistance, tend to underperform and struggle to reach their potential. This presentation will teach your top performers how aligning with these four keys will create clarity, inspiration and to become even more effective in life and the workplace.


Collaborative Team Dynamics

Six shifts to creating your superteam

From a young age, we’re taught the importance of teamwork, but what we’re taught doesn’t go deep enough to really establish the level of trust, direct communication, listening, and understanding required to function as a superteam. When we don’t approach teamwork from this depth, team members can be left feeling unappreciated, underacknowledged and unsupported and can view their teammates as opponents rather than resources. The consequences of this are tangible, including wasted time, energy, money, resources, and employee satisfaction. If we want to thrive as a team, we need a different model of teamwork. In this interactive presentation, we go back to basics to uncover the six fundamental shifts necessary to cultivate a team that works collaboratively, uses challenges to strengthen relationships and functions at an exponential level.

" If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - Ghanaian proverb

Exponential Success
Using your biology to generate next level results

50% of American workers forfeit paid vacation days due to a fear of falling behind at work. Even top performers struggle to stay on top of relentlessly increasing workplace demands. This impacts their quality of work and their quality of life. Somewhere along the line, we lost the true meaning of productivity. It’s not about doing endlessly more, it’s about producing high quality, high impact work. This eye-opening workshop will return to our biology to reveal why working harder and having a focus on getting more done is not only ineffective, but also creates a long-term dissatisfying work experience and sucks the joy out of what you do. Instead, this workshop provides a counter-intuitive approach for getting more done while increasing satisfaction, reducing stress and increasing quality - even if the demands aren’t changing.


Customizable Experiences

Each presentation can be tailored to:

  • 1-hour interactive workshop

  • 3-hour team training

  • 2-Day intensive




The transformation I’ve received from

her training has not only given me the ability to create new goals, it has opened me up to new opportunities.” Anna Kessler, Business owner

Anna Kessler

Business Owner


The transformation I’ve received from

her training has not only given me the ability to create new goals, it has opened me up to new opportunities.” Anna Kessler, Business owner

Anna Kessler

Business Owner


Coming into this training I was expecting a few tools to implement in my work and possibly help my team work at a higher level. I was wrong in the best possible way.


The depth of knowledge and impact of each breakthrough blew me away. This training is for everyone.

Claire Hennessy

Manager Multiple Franchises


This training challenged my inner core. The program encouraged me to examine my thoughts and beliefs both personally and professionally.

Through deep reflection the program elicited a vulnerability that sought
to create a positive transformation. As a current fitpro, former professional football player, and someone with a masters degree in psychology.


I can unequivocally recommend this program to anyone looking to broaden their mental thought process. You, your friends, your family, your team, your community will all benefit from the tools
you leave this program with.” JR Sharbaugh

JR Sharbaugh 
Former Pro Football Player

It was wonderful. It was definitely different than any training I have ever been in but it's going to be more useful because it's going to relate to my own personal needs as well as understand the needs of those that I serve in the professional world.

It was so awesome. Vanessa is amazing. Love, love, LOVED the training. It was refreshing. There was no pressure to memorize knowledge. It was about mindset and relevant to me and the way I think and as a professional and as an everyday human being. It was awesome!




Over the years as a business owner, I have attended many trainings and workshops.

I can confidently say that Vanessa’s trainings have had the biggest impact on me personally and professionally.” Katie Witucki, business owner

Katie Witucki

Business Owner


This is so so needed, not just in corporate America! Vanessa has a gift of connecting with people on a deep level and that is so rare and special and should be shared!!



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