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Use Sacred Sales to thrive under pressure, increase revenue and level-up your top performer's satisfaction and fulfillment.

Sacred Sales Keynote Speaker

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Innovative and fast-growing organizations find their top performers burnt out, capping their potential and struggling to break the barriers required for jumping the next level. 


At the precipice of enormous growth, leaders are challenged to: 

  • Keep top performers and keep them growing in the organization

  • Keep customers satisfied and investing more

  • Build community, connection and belonging within teams 

  • Unleash the brilliance of your people to embrace creativity, problem solve, innovate and get more done efficiently


After learning that Vanessa was coaching not one, but three (!) of my favorite leaders at the company, I brought her on board to lead a workshop about Vulnerable Leadership, where she created a safe space for leaders and ICs alike to discuss leading with authenticity, which resulted in a mindset shift for attendees. 

Since then, we've brought her back in for multiple events. So intimate that some of our 100+ attendees were moved to tears. We can always count on Vanessa to create a trusting environment that forces us to dig deep and leaves us feeling connected. If you ever thought that feelings and the workplace don't mix, one session with Vanessa will show you that this combo brings out the superpowers within us!
-Allie Pacelli, Senior Client Partner and Women of Reddit Lead

At this stage, more strategy, education and training won't cut it.

I help top performing organizations use Sacred Sales to restore the nobility and sacredness in selling, overcome themselves and face their OWN fears to thrive under pressure, increase revenue and satisfaction and fulfillment in their role.

I help your top performers and sales team:

  • Create lasting impact when more strategies are overwhelming and aren't making the difference

  • Use what they already know instead of look for more to apply and learn

  • Thrive under pressure by learning to meet fear differently as they jump into higher "punishing" sales targets 

  • Deal with the uncertainty and change when circumstances are out of their control  

  • Reach higher targets and identify new opportunities by going 'beyond the obvious' 

  • Leverage fear / vulnerability / challenges / obstacles AS the path to greater success


Meet Vanessa


Sacred: Centered on truth, highest service, honor and integrity.

Sales: Guiding the person you're with to make a clear and empowered choice.

Sacred Sales: Leading the person you're with to make a clear and empowered choice based on truth, honor and integrity in service to what they want, and you offer.

Vanessa combines two unique skillsets: healing and mastering sales to bring forth an innovative, refreshing and highly effective approach to sales that honors the humans involved and serves the bottom line even better.

She's coached top performers of major organizations and high performing entrepreneurs for 15 years. 

Her work centers on healing deep inadequacy, mindset and anxiety challenges and reveals the dramatic shift in performance when we integrate the human experience with the human performance. 

Vanessa led an internal consulting department of a national corporation, spearheading internal process improvement before her passion led her towards coaching, healing, and a shamanic path. With over a decade of experience, she coached top performing entrepreneurs and leaders of global organizations to overcome internal obstacles, eradicate stress, and transform their leadership styles and performance for impactful results.


Vanessa's approach highlights the correlation between prioritizing the human experience and superior performance. Operating as a Culture Shaman, she collaborates with renowned entities like Reddit, Linkedin, and prestigious universities, including her own successful fitness studio. Her mission involves cultivating thriving human-centric cultures, fostering elevated organizational achievements through the integration of well-being and effectiveness.

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Talk Topics

Sacred Sales

Reveal Corporate Co-dependency©
And increase impact and revenue with integrity

The 'Sacred' in Sacred Sales refers to living from truth and integrity despite the perceived risk to self. 

Corporate Co-dependency© is the human tendency to preserve the peace, avoid confrontation and recoil from discomfort even when a different course of action would result in better outcomes. 

It's normal human behavior that it wreaks havoc on sales revenue, diminishes trust and undermines confidence. 

When you identify and shift these patterns in sales, your relationships improve, you identify new opportunities and break past the traditional objections that flatline sales deals.

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Leverage fear for better sales
Why sales provides the most unique environment for exponential growth.

Sales is perfectly designed to challenge human beings at the deepest psychological levels. 

As a high performance coach, healer and culture shaman, Vanessa reveals the places that sales challenges even the most confident performers. 

Sales will always show you where you're avoiding failure, playing 'not to lose,' and collapsing under pressure and working to alleviate anxiety instead of to genuinely innovate and problem solve. 

When you know how to leverage fear in sales and identify the specific places sales undermines your potential, you can equally use it to spot your personal growth edge and catalyze a leap in performance. 

Unleash brilliance
How truth, integrity and honor are the biggest levers in sales

Your top performers are hard working, intelligent and well educated. However, this becomes a barrier if they aren't trusting themselves enough to really let out their brilliance. 

Brilliance is a combination of acquired skill and knowledge + self-trust + courage + understanding how to use their physiology in addition to their intellect.

Sacred Sales offers a practical and powerful tool to allow true brilliance to come through in all areas of their work by implementing it inside of the sales conversation. 


Customizable Experiences

1-hour interactive workshop, virtually or in person
4-hour team training, virtually or in person
2-Day intensive, virtually or in person




The transformation I’ve received from

her training has not only given me the ability to create new goals, it has opened me up to new opportunities.” Anna Kessler, Business owner

Anna Kessler

Business Owner


The transformation I’ve received from

her training has not only given me the ability to create new goals, it has opened me up to new opportunities.” Anna Kessler, Business owner

Anna Kessler

Business Owner


Coming into this training I was expecting a few tools to implement in my work and possibly help my team work at a higher level. I was wrong in the best possible way.


The depth of knowledge and impact of each breakthrough blew me away. This training is for everyone.

Claire Hennessy

Manager Multiple Franchises


This training challenged my inner core. The program encouraged me to examine my thoughts and beliefs both personally and professionally.

Through deep reflection the program elicited a vulnerability that sought
to create a positive transformation. As a current fitpro, former professional football player, and someone with a masters degree in psychology.


I can unequivocally recommend this program to anyone looking to broaden their mental thought process. You, your friends, your family, your team, your community will all benefit from the tools
you leave this program with.” JR Sharbaugh

JR Sharbaugh 
Former Pro Football Player

It was wonderful. It was definitely different than any training I have ever been in but it's going to be more useful because it's going to relate to my own personal needs as well as understand the needs of those that I serve in the professional world.

It was so awesome. Vanessa is amazing. Love, love, LOVED the training. It was refreshing. There was no pressure to memorize knowledge. It was about mindset and relevant to me and the way I think and as a professional and as an everyday human being. It was awesome!




Over the years as a business owner, I have attended many trainings and workshops.

I can confidently say that Vanessa’s trainings have had the biggest impact on me personally and professionally.” Katie Witucki, business owner

Katie Witucki

Business Owner


This is so so needed, not just in corporate America! Vanessa has a gift of connecting with people on a deep level and that is so rare and special and should be shared!!



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